Wolters Kluwer

Full Fat Things deliver a suite of content products, self service portals, ecommerce platforms and fulfilment and entitlement solutions for Wolters Kluwer’s product portfolio

Wolters Kluwer is a market leading global information services company with 19,000 employees whose information, software, and services help legal, tax, finance, and healthcare professionals in over 150 countries. Wolters Kluwer combine information and technology to help their customers’ quality and effectiveness, for example supporting 210,000 tax and accountancy firms worldwide; that’s 40 million tax returns!

The challenge

Wolters Kluwer had a collection of proprietary platforms that supported their product portfolio. They wanted to move to a model which would also allow deep self service for customers across their suite of products in real time and to unify their customer products where sensible onto one technology platform.

Wolters Kluwer are specifically interested in entitlement, authentication, customer self-management and in refreshing all of their products for the multi-device, multi-platform world. They also wished to create new products for their markets from their vast content base.

Our approach

Full Fat Things initially gained the trust and understanding of the Wolters Kluwer executive team by meeting with product and IT stakeholders to map out business operations, what its current business processes were and what their requirements would be in the future. We learnt about the internal systems and which were considered master of record for each type of data. These maps were used to set up projects in order to make sure that the new build could integrate directly with those systems and help the move to digital.

Product specific consulting deepened our knowledge of each area before each individual projects were started.

We built product and a portal based on open source Drupal and Laravel technologies. Drupal powers the content platforms. Laravel provides customer management and portals. Together we allow customers to access their own information, subscriptions and products as well as purchasing new products.

We built the first phase of the portal at the same time as the first customer-facing product so that Wolters Kluwer could iterate on each product delivering benefits to customers quicker and more often. The main areas of work were to: