It’s a bit of a cliché to say that your clients are your best sales people, but then clichés usually have more than a grain of truth behind them. In our case, Full Fat Things regularly gets new clients through recommendations from existing ones, of which we are very proud.

We like to think that this happens because we build brilliant solutions that work. We also believe our attitude to client relations has something to do with it.

When you work with us, you’ll get our undivided attention right from the start. (Well, almost undivided – we do have homes to go to at night.) You’ll be involved every step of the way, so that what we build is what you need.

Who we’ve worked with

Wolters Kluwer

Full Fat Things were selected as a primary software supplier to Wolters Kluwer to implement a self service portal and rebuild a product set into Open source Drupal whilst enhancing customer freedom.

See the Full Fat Things and Wolters Kluwer case study

Peer 1

Full Fat Things, with Peer 1, built the new True Native Hybrid Cloud self service customer portal and e-commerce shopping experience, launching the newest member of the Peer 1 product family. We believe it is the most comprehensive hosting shopping cart experience available on the market.

We wrote more about this in the Full Fat Things and Peer 1 case study


Full Fat Things provided Google with a Drupal solution to manage the workflow of translating local travel information. The solution slashed translation costs by identifying any changes in existing content, so that translators only retranslated new text, and allocating work to the most appropriate translator.

We wrote more about this in the Full Fat Things and Google case study


Orange chose Full Fat Things to help the company move to Drupal from a legacy, custom-built content management system as it rebranded its business. The brief included making sure that their internal team was primed for Drupal success. As a result, our role was broader than simply developing a platform and arranging hosting. We also trained existing technical staff, who worked with us on the Drupal development, provided guidance on selecting consultants and on scaling Drupal in the cloud, and then ongoing support as the Orange team continued to develop the CMS.

We wrote more about this in the Full Fat Things and Orange case study

Here is a selection of other clients: