About Us

Full Fat Things builds rocket ships. The kind that help your business reach its full potential by being extremely well planned, flawlessly designed, solidly yet fabulously built and all with an eye to longevity. If we were building spacecraft at pre-school, we’d have built Voyager.

Quality is in our DNA. We work together because we all want to produce solutions that are exceptionally high quality, of the kind that many companies promise but few deliver. No compromises, no half measures – just Full Fat Things.

There’s nothing bloated about our solutions – we simply provide exactly what we promise with nothing skimmed off.

About us

Full Fat Things has been in existence formally for several years. However, many of our team have known each other for far longer than that, either through common employment or simply through the industry. So we’ve developed good working relationships which allow us to focus on our clients, not each other.

Dan and Stew, for example, have worked together since the 1990s and they still talk to each other (in fact they’re so in tune that they now finish each other’s sentences). The first big thing the two built together was Trinity Mirror's publishing system in 2000, which, 13 years later, still powers a large number of Trinity Mirror's websites including the Liverpool Echo and Birmingham Post.

Other members of the team are equally skilled and experienced. There are no half measures when it comes to choosing who gets to work under the Full Fat Things name – our brand is as important to us as yours is to you.

Best tools, best people

We started out as Drupal experts, developing high-performance Drupal websites and applications, as well as consulting and providing web experience management solutions. Now, though, we go much further than that, adopting whichever solution will best meet a client’s needs.

We primarily practice our craft at the intersection between content, commerce and community. We don’t believe you need separate products to power your community, content and commerce. One integrated experience is what customers demand and should receive – indeed, if you don’t provide it then they will find someone else who will.

So we go one step further than providing user experience magic. We integrate business systems so that your customers’ experience – be they internal or external – is flawless and seamless. We want to manage the experience your customers will have and help them love your brand.

Web experience management delivers software and experiences that completely encompass your organisation’s digital footprint. You shouldn’t have to move away from services you use for marketing, CRM, sales, email and product catalogues – instead, they should integrate with your website (and each other) so that you can author, market and sell in one cohesive way that enhances your business. And that’s what we provide.

And it works – our clients universally regard us as very high quality and high calibre.

Leadership team

Stewart Robinson

Managing Director & Developer

Stewart founded Full Fat Things in order to build amazing software that people love. Over the last 15 years he has worked on many of the UK’s largest websites and software projects, including leading The Economist’s high profile move to Drupal.

Not content with creating software that pulls its own socks up and delights its users, Stewart is a Drupal core contributor. As such his code runs on around 1 in every 50 websites in the world and he bears more than a little responsibility for the massive growth of Drupal adoption in the UK and Europe.

Stewart is not just another developer, however. His focus is on attention to detail and customer success, and he loves nothing better than when Full Fat Things finishes working on a project and clients can actually start to use it day to day.

Nick Thompson

Nick’s code runs on hundreds of thousands of sites and he maintains some of the most used extensions to Drupal.

Luckily for our clients, Nick’s approach is to always find ways to utilise the open source community he takes part in to reduce development cost and share the load. One notable advantage of this approach is that future features can be almost free for customers as open source software grows constantly, separately from client deployments.

Henry Ford

Business Development

Henry's early career was spent at Rank Xerox, one of the toughest sales training schools, where he rose to the top and sold many of the BPO deals in the late 1990s. We don’t like to bombard potential clients with a hard sell. That’s why Henry is part of our team, as he is the perfect blend of tenacious, charming and intelligent, with a long pedigree of advising clients on best practice web solutions.

Andie Robinson

Operations Director

At Full Fat Things Andie is responsible for our day-to-day operations, staffing and customer outcomes.

In her former life as a Regional Director at Hays, Andie led the London public sector division where she managed 45 people in a collection of teams and brought in revenue of £5 million a year. A key part of her role was creating digital media campaigns in order to hire the best people for complex and challenging roles across Whitehall.

Now, her customer management background ensures that everything – from our tenders to our final reviews – is focused on our customers’ requirements and their continuing success.


Dominic Monkhouse


Dominic Monkhouse is a serial entrepreneur and hosting veteran. He has spent 12 years working in sales, marketing and customer management within the IT sector, holding senior positions at Peer 1 Hosting, IT Lab, Pipex, Rackspace and Interliant.

Dominic is a regular public speaker on creating great places to work and explaining his vision for achieving continuous client satisfaction.